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CPS – May net return: +0,01%
CPS – 2017 YTD Including June estimate: +0,9%e
CGS – May net return: -0,63%
CGS – 2017 YTD Including June estimate: +3,2%e


Accum Kapital is a Stockholm-based investment firm under the laws of Sweden servicing professional and private investors who seek high risk-adjusted returns on their capital. We are an independent, partner-owned firm actively managing three multi-strategy funds with a clear focus on risk control. Founded in 2009 as WSM, the firm changed names to Accum Kapital in 2015.


Our asset management philosophy is based on capital preservation, rather than market timing. Through a relatively stable, low-risk return profile, capital is accumulated over time at the same time as draw-downs are minimised. Our funds are very actively managed with a clear focus on avoiding the sometimes high volatility that characterises capital markets. This means that our funds can produce very high risk adjusted returns over time. Our asset management focus therefore differs from e.g. traditional long-only portfolios, where returns to a large extent depend on market timing.

Capital Preservation Strategy (CPS) is an absolute return, relatively low-risk multi-strategy fund, and Capital Growth Strategy (CGS) is a multi-strategy fund targeting to exceed stock market returns over time at half the stock market risk. The right combination of these two funds has the potential to double the invested capital within a reasonable time frame and at a quantifiable risk level.

All key employees at Accum Kapital are fully invested in our funds. This ensures that our interests are always aligned with our clients, both in the short- and long-term. We service both private investors and institutional investors. Please contact us for more information about us and our asset management services.


Jesper Almkvist


Having spent nine years in London as an equity analyst/broker for CAI Cheuvreux, Alfred Berg and ABG Sundal Collier, Mr. Almkvist moved back to Sweden in 2004 to found Adapto Advisors AB. During his six years at Adapto, he started two funds and was responsible for the equity long/short portfolio. Mr. Almkvist co-founded Accum Kapital and he has a BA in Business and Finance from Richmond University.


+46 (0) 8 518 190 43

Erik Ejerhed


After six years working as an equity analyst for ABG Sundal Collier in London, Mr. Ejerhed relocated to Sweden in 2007 to head-up a team of specialised equity analysts. In 2010, he took a position as a portofolio manager for a local wealth manager, before moving on to co-found Accum Kapital. Mr. Ejerhed holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) and a BA of Arts from the universities of Stockholm and Uppsala.


+46 (0) 8 518 190 41

Kim Johnsson


Mr. Johnsson is a former professional icehockey player with eleven years and 782 games in NHL for New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, Minnesota Wild and Chicago Blackhawks. He has represented Sweden 96 times in the World Cup and the Olympics resulting in several medals. Mr. Johnsson is a co-founder of Accum Kapital, with a particular focus on business development, IT and compliance.


+46 (0) 8 518 190 45


Rami Shaaban


Rami Shaaban is a former professional football goalkeeper. During his career, Mr. Shaaban has played for, among others, Arsenal FC and West Ham and he represented the Swedish national team in the WC 2006 and the EC 2008. Having co-founded Accum Kapital some six years ago, Mr. Shaaban is in charge of Marketing & Distribution. He is also active in several charity projects.


+46 (0) 8 518 190 44

Erland Sköldborg


Mr. Sköldborg has been active in the financial industry since 1983, starting his career at Trygg Hansa. During the 1990s, Mr. Sköldborg was self-employed as a financial advisor, before co-founding the financial advisory and asset management firm IAM (Valbay) in 2001. Between 2007 and 2011, he headed up the insurance business for a local wealth manager. Mr. Sköldborg is one of Accum Kapital’s co-founders.


+46 (0) 8 518 190 42


Accum Kapital (Accukap AB, corporate registration number 556801-4962) is a duly-licensed investment firm under the laws of Sweden (Lagen (2007:528)), entitled to (i) provide investment advisory services, (ii) provide discretionary asset management services and (iii) receiving and forwarding orders regarding financial instruments.

Compliance- and Risk Manager is Jörgen Tenor at Se Compliance AB, jorgen.tenor@secompliance.se


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